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With so much political strife surrounding immigration policy it is important to remember how things like deferred action are beneficial to immigrants as well as America. There may be attacks on deferred action, but those attacks often completely write off how helpful deferred action is to millions of people. Here are a few ways deferred action helps those who need it.

How Deferred Action Benefits America

Employment: Deferred action recipients qualify for work within the United States, and those recipients do get jobs. Over half of deferred action recipients are employed which is a huge boon to the economy.

Education: Of those recipients who do not work, about two thirds of them are enrolled in school. Education is so incredibly important, not just for the Dreamers, but for America as a whole. The more educated the population, the more society can thrive.

Balance: Many Dreamers are working while enrolled in school. Not only are they dedicated to education, but will contribute to the workforce while studying, making them incredibly hard working and potential leaders of tomorrow.

Taxes: Being legally allowed to work means that recipients must also pay taxes. This helps the government programs run, and even more so because deferred action recipients are not eligible for all government programs. This means they are contributing to the government far more than they receive from the government.

When you take a deeper look at deferred action you will begin to realize how beneficial it is. It gives immigrants the opportunity to live and work within the U.S. while also supporting and building up the United States in terms of economy and society.

How Deferred Action Benefits America

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