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Applying for an adjustment of status, (or as many refer to it – a green card), to become a permanent resident in the United States can be a complex process. There are forms to fill out, interviews to attend and navigating all the intricate steps can be quite overwhelming. For those applying for a spousal visa as part of a same-sex couple, this process can feel even more daunting as there can be fears of discrimination and judgement.

Waldron Law can help you obtain your same-sex marriage visa with confidence.

Fortunately, the laws have changed in the last decade when certain sections of the Defense of Marriage Act were deemed unconstitutional. Although this doesn’t mean that filling out the paperwork for an adjustment of status was made any easier, it does however open doors for the LGBTQ community that were once closed.

This ruling now means that same sex spouses are to be granted the same rights and liberties as a heterosexual couple in all 50 states (as long as the marriage is legally recognized in the country where it happened). Otherwise, there is the same-sex fiancé visa option available in those instances.

It takes a little creativity sometimes to provide the government the evidence they need to prove a bona fide marriage, especially when couples may be estranged from their family members. The good news is, we are experienced in coming up with new ways to demonstrate that your marriage was built on love.

My name is Joan Waldron of Waldron Law Firm, PLLC, and I can help you plan, prepare, apply and obtain your same-sex marriage visa with confidence. Let’s turn your dream of living legally in the same country as your loved one a reality!