The Benefits of Having a Spanish Lawyer

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Hiring a lawyer can be difficult, especially if your primary language is Spanish. A Spanish lawyer can help bridge the gaps between a client who speaks Spanish and an English based judicial system. As the need for Spanish speaking lawyers grows, so does the number of Spanish speakers. Here are a few ways that a Spanish lawyer can help you with your legal case.

Spanish lawyer can help you with your legal case

Communicating: The most obvious reason to hire a Spanish lawyer is to maximize communication effectiveness. Having a lawyer that you can talk to without a language barrier is essential. Being able to tell your lawyer everything you need to say, and them being able to be able to communicate back in plain Spanish allows your case to go as smoothly as possible.

Experience: A Spanish lawyer will most likely have worked with many Spanish speakers previous. This means they both have experience with translating the law, as well as familiarity with cases similar to yours in the past.

Trust: Being able to communicate in plain Spanish with a lawyer creates a level of trust. Having a language barrier creates a more tense environment that makes it hard to develop a relationship of trust. Also, a lawyer that speaks your native language is a demonstration of extra caring that other lawyers may not possess. The Spanish lawyer will feel an extra level of respect and trust with clients they can speak Spanish with.

While most lawyers in your specific area may be able to work with you, having a Spanish lawyer can help tremendously.

At Waldron Law Firm, we have a strong tradition of advocating for Spanish speaking people in North Carolina. Give our law office a call today if you, or somebody close to you needs to speak to one of our Spanish speaking lawyers.