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If you need help from someone with experience in LGBT divorce law, simply turn to our team.

Here at Waldron Law Firm, PLLC, we are proud supporters of the LGBT community. We understand that for LGBT individuals and their families, the law is often even more complicated and arcane than it is for others, which is why we have made a point to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with all the relevant regulations. One example of where things get complicated for LGBT people is in marriage and divorce–due to the patchwork way that marriage equality was enacted in the US, calculating what counts as marital property can be tricky, as the couple may have, say, bought a house together before they could legally marry. If you are planning to divorce your partner and need someone you can trust to walk you through the maze of LGBT divorce law, we encourage you to turn to our team.

LGBT Divorce Law in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our team has been serving members of the local LGBT community for over a decade, assisting with everything from marriage-based immigration visas to name changes, gender marker changes, prenups, and, yes, divorce. Another reason why divorce can be so complex for same-sex couples is because any children the couple has are not the biological children of both partners, which can make custody arrangements harder to sort out.

Our team is proud to serve the Charlotte, North Carolina community, and we want to help anyone who chooses to divorce their partner do so with as little stress as possible. If you need help from someone with experience in LGBT divorce law to help you navigate this process, we encourage you to give us a call.